How MyTherapy Enables Pharma to Deliver the Value of eRx to Patients in Germany

Electronic prescriptions are the new default in Germany. Read how pharma can help drive awareness and uptake of the full range of benefits offered by e-prescriptions with MyTherapy, helping support patient outcomes in a commercially sustainable manner

Dan Brown Apr 05, 2024

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The use of electronic prescriptions (also known as e-prescriptions or eRx) is the new default prescription method in Germany, with well over 100,000,000 filled in the first 3 months of 2024. Electronic prescriptions have been shown to reduce prescription errors, increase refill rates, and have a positive impact on metrics such as adherence and persistence. By integrating eRx functionality into a patient support program running upon our MyTherapy platform, read how pharma can provide a seamless eRx experience for patients and ensure the full potential of electronic prescriptions is realized. Find out how this not only improves patients’ experiences and outcomes, but can represent a sustainable commercial model for pharma.

eRx Enabled Superior Refill Rates

The benefits a well-integrated electronic prescription system can bestow upon the broader healthcare industry have been well documented, including reducing prescription errors and increasing the percentage of prescriptions filled by patients.

Since the rollout of electronic prescriptions in Germany, over 135,000,000 have been filled and nearly 85,000 medical institutions across the country now issue e-prescriptions. It is now the de facto prescription method for the 88% of the population covered by public health insurance.

For pharma, the rollout of eRx in Germany represents a rare opportunity to improve refill rates and, consequently, metrics such as adherence and persistence.

While eRx is already the new default prescription method in Germany, pharma can help patients take full advantage of the benefits electronic prescriptions afford by integrating it into existing digital patient support tools. In doing so, pharma can help unify the experience patients receive and provide educational content to ensure users are fully aware of the functionalities provided by eRx.

MyTherapy Integrates eRx Functionality, Creating a Seamless Experience

Patients receiving electronic prescriptions can fill them in brick and mortar pharmacies using only their health insurance card. However, not all patients are aware of the additional possibilities enabled by eRx, including:

Being a subsidiary of Redcare Pharmacy (formally known as Shop Apotheke Europe), we are able to integrate eRx functionality into our MyTherapy platform and be among the very first institutions to integrate CardLink and offer the improved experience of filling e-prescriptions online. We can also provide educational content to users that outline the full possibilities of eRx, including topics such as repeat prescriptions.

This seamless eRx integration solidifies MyTherapy’s position as a single app for treatment and medication management, complimenting existing features such as medication reminders, symptom and side effect tracking, and medication inventory tracking.

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Furthermore, it enhances MyTherapy’s capabilities as the platform for pharma’s digital patient support. In addition to the core MyTherapy features, pharma partners can enable tailored modules to meet the specific needs of certain patient populations, such as those taking a particular medication. In doing so, pharma can provide a robust and refined digital patient program that supports users’ broader treatment and medication management, while simultaneously delivering highly targeted support for specific treatments.

Pharma partners using MyTherapy as the platform for digital patient support also gain access to reports and dashboards with data showing the uptake of the program along with KPIs that reflect the impact achieved.

The addition of eRx functionality only increases the potential for MyTherapy and pharma programs running upon it to provide meaningful patient support and help patients overcome barriers to adherence and persistence.

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Pharma Driving eRx Adoption Can Improve Patient Outcomes & Provide Commercial Benefits

For pharma, the benefit of driving eRx adoption by integrating it seamlessly into a patient support program is the possibility to have a demonstrably positive impact of refill rates, adherence, and persistence.

In doing so, pharma can build a sustainable commercial model that scales across products and markets.

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