Building on a Proven Platform to Deliver Effective Patient Support

What we offer to patients & partners

MyTherapy is a treatment management app designed to support patients in day-to-day life, no matter the chronic disease they live with or medications they take. The broad features of MyTherapy – including intake and activity reminders, symptom and well-being tracking, and a medication itinerary – act as a platform for more tailored support for our pharma partners to offer patients. This includes treatment onboarding support and long-term medication adherence and persistence support.

How we deliver meaningful support

Achieving meaningful patient support requires engagement. MyTherapy has been refined over hundreds of iterations to better meet patients’ needs, with users engaging with the app roughly 6 times per day on average. We build on this engagement by delivering effective support, applying behavior change theory to address challenges patients face on their treatment journey. Modules running on the MyTherapy platform are configurable not only on a case-by-case basis, but also on a market-by-market basis, making programs accessible and effective on a global scale.

Why we build patient support on MyTherapy

MyTherapy was founded on the idea of helping patients take their medications safely and as indicated, with medication non-adherence being one of the biggest causes of avoidable hospitalizations and deaths worldwide. Working with partners in the pharmaceutical industry allows us to offer additional support for individual treatments, helping tackle specific challenges to adherence and persistence. This helps our pharma partners support patient outcomes, while the RoI from improved adherence and persistence represents a sustainable business model.

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Other services

Activation & Education

Activation and education campaigns are run on MyTherapy, helping deliver the right content to the right patients at the right time.

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SaMD, DTx, & IoT

MyTherapy also acts as the OS for digital therapeutics thanks to smartpatient meeting industry standards, such as maintaining an ISO-13485-certified QMS.

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RWE, Data, & Surveys

smartpatient Insights is a dedicated brand for delivering pharma real-world evidence and data insights. Understand patient journeys and run custom surveys among targeted patient populations.

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