The Operating System for Pharma’s Digital Patient Services

What is MyTherapy OS

The MyTherapy OS is a platform containing the key components for a range of digital services. The core features of the MyTherapy platform support the daily lives of patients in any therapeutic area, taking any medication. On top of that, tailored modules are run on the MyTherapy OS that meets the specific needs of pharma and their patient populations. ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 compliance opens the door to products such as digital connected devices, SaMD, and digital therapeutics.

8,700,000+ Users

Global Scalability

30+ Patient Communities

What does this mean for pharma?

By running digital services on the MyTherapy OS, pharma benefits from a platform that has been developed over hundreds of iterations and is maintained with regular updates. Running modules on the MyTherapy OS rather than building from the ground up helps cut time-to-market, improves pharma’s RoI, and makes scaling globally more cost-effective. The result is a fast and flexible implementation and instant access to a worldwide user base.

What our partners say?

“Smartpatient understands the global point of view, while also understanding the nuances of each and every country's localization and implementation efforts. This combination of big picture and attention to detail is really important.” – Helen Gray, Merck KGaA

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