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MyTherapy for HIV

Reach and educate thousands of people living with HIV and provide personalized adherence and persistence support for patients prescribed your product

Educate and activate the HIV community on MyTherapy

Reach thousands of users living with HIV and help to close the treatment gap.

Safeguard onboarding and adherence for your patients

Provide personalized onboarding and adherence support for your patients and close the loop with clinicians

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Leaders from life science and healthcare are using the MyTherapy software platform to reach people living with diseases and help them take care of their health.

Call for Partners: Our HIV Users Need Quality Information and Support

MyTherapy for HIV is a dedicated, product-agnostic, and non-promotional layer within the MyTherapy app, helping our thousands of users to live well with HIV. While MyTherapy provides health management tools and lifestyle-related tips, there is a need for information and education that we can only fulfill through partners:

The Confidence Score

“My HIV treatment works for me”

Pie chart showing survey results from question asking users whether they are satisfied with their HIV treatment. Result: 92% yes, 5% somewhat, 2% no, 1% don't know


The Safety Factor

“I am vaccinated against COVID-19”

Pie chart showing survey results from question asking users living with HIV whether they are vaccinated against COVID-19. Result: 99% yes, 1% no


The Innovation Gap

“I want to learn more about HIV treatment options”

Pie chart showing survey results from question asking users whether they would like to learn more about alternative HIV treatment options. Results: 55% yes, 30% maybe, 15% no


What are patients’ attitudes towards your meds?

Interested in the composition of our HIV community and their attitudes towards their meds?

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Our Services for Partners

MyTherapy uniquely combines disease-agnostic functionality, for staying on top of any medication, with two additional layers for specific needs that partners can contribute to: On the disease-specific layer, partners can help us to educate and activate users about and close the treatment gap. On the product layer, partners can provide guidance and adherence support tailored to the specific needs of patients prescribed their product.

Contents with built-in Call-to-Action

Sponsored Campaigns: Educate and Activate the HIV Community

Enable patients to have informed discussions with their doctors and to take action, e.g. by sharing the latest medical research or tips for identifying potential treatment gaps right in the app that HIV patients already use several times a day.

  • Your contents browsable in the app and delivered via push notifications
  • Support for engaging formats, including video, text, and slideshows
  • Tracking of activation success through native integration of Call-to-Actions

(Before distribution, smartpatient reviews all contents for regulatory compliance and medical correctness)

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Adherence Support tailored to your Product's specific needs

Product Modules: Safeguard onboarding and adherence for your patients

Many patients stop treatment early because of onboarding challenges or unmet expectations. We can keep your patient on track by configuring a module to the specific needs of your product, e.g. through

  • Prescription validation and consent management
  • Treatment initiation and setup of medication regimen
  • Proactively triggered, personalized contents delivering the right information when it matters
  • Digital or PDF-based feedback mechanisms for closing the feedback loop with clinicians
  • Integration with existing PSP / Patient-Support-Brands
  • Direct delivery of medications
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Why us?

Traction matters

We have more than 5 million users on the platform, including thousands living with HIV


Our study results follow a pattern as we systematically put behavior change theory to action

Global as Pharma

We are working with pharma in >20 markets and bring regulatory compliance and capabilities

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We are leaders in patient engagement and medication management and have millions of users in cardiovascular, respiratory, diabetes, inflammatory, autoimmune, cancer and many other disease. You see partnering opportunities?

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