About us

Since 2012, we have supported patients in adhering to their treatment. Leaders from life science and health care rely on us and our platform for tailored patient support offerings.

We founded smartpatient to support anyone taking medications on a regular basis in better adhering to their treatment plans. For this purpose, we designed the MyTherapy app. Since then, MyTherapy has grown into a platform with millions of users – and significant impact on public health. Several studies – such as those conducted at Charité Berlin, Europe's largest university hospital – show that MyTherapy improves medication adherence.

Benefitting patients...

We believe that everybody should be able to use MyTherapy for safely and responsibly taking their meds. Accordingly, we work hard to keep the app free of charge and ads. Most importantly, we are strictly protecting our users' privacy.

...and business partners

Building on the MyTherapy platform, we provide tailored multichannel patient support programs for partners from life science and health care. From day one, our partners benefit from outstanding engagement, scalability, and our unique experience of launching and operating digital patient support offerings around the globe.