About us

We have helped millions of patients to take control of their treatment. Leaders from life science and health care rely on us and our platform digital patient support, patient activation, aggregate real-time insights and SaMD-grade software e.g. for managing IoT devices or implementing Digital Therapeutics (DTx).

We founded smartpatient to support anyone taking medications on a regular basis in better and comprehensively adhering to their treatment plans. For this purpose, we designed the MyTherapy app. Since then, MyTherapy has grown into the world's fastest-growing disease management app and has unfolded significant impact on public health. Several studies – such as those conducted at Charité Berlin, Europe's largest university hospital – show that MyTherapy improves medication adherence.

To the Benefit of our Patients

We believe that everybody should be able to use MyTherapy for safely and responsibly taking their meds. Accordingly, we work hard to keep the app free of charge and ads. Most importantly, we are strictly protecting our users' privacy.

To the Benefit of our Partners

Building on the MyTherapy platform, we provide tailored and highly engaging patient offerings for our partners from life science and health care, spanning everything from digital patient support, patient activation, real-world evidence and data generation to digital therapeutics (DTx). Our in-house UX, behavior change, editorial and data science teams bring the expertise to tailor our platform to our partners' specific use cases. Our regulatory team knows how to walk the line between medical device and non-medical device software. Being ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 certified we have the capability and experience for bringing medical device grade offerings to market under MDR, FDA, and other regulatory environments. Beyond regulatory compliance, our partners from day 1 benefit from MyTherapy's outstanding engagement and scalability as well as our unique experience of working with pharma in more than 25 markets around the globe.