MyTherapy: The Platform for Pharma’s Breast Cancer Patient Support Programs

MyTherapy is the platform for pharma’s digital patient support programs in a variety of therapeutic areas. Read how oncology patients can benefit from MyTherapy’s features and why patient support programs built upon the platform can help improve outcomes for breast cancer patients

Dan Brown Feb 07, 2024

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Adherence and persistence are often crucial factors that influence the efficacy of breast cancer treatment, including hormone treatments such as endocrine therapy. Identifying barriers to adherence and persistence and implementing effective interventions can provide patients with value in daily life and, ultimately, help drive better health outcomes. Pharma can help achieve this by providing complementary digital patient support programs for breast cancer treatments. Read how MyTherapy’s features make it the ideal platform for pharma to deliver meaningful patient support.

Breast Cancer Treatment: Barriers to Adherence & Persistence

Breast cancer treatment often involves a combination of surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy. For those administered by patients, such as endocrine therapy, adherence and persistence can be challenging, not least as treatment often lasts at least five years.

Additional challenges arise in the form of side effects and quality of life issues, emotional and mental health challenges, and communication gaps with healthcare providers.

Whether the treatment is being administered pre-surgery, post-surgery, standalone, or as a prophylaxis, non-adherence and non-persistence can have a seriously detrimental impact on patient outcomes.

As in many other therapeutic areas, digital patient support programs are considered a valuable tool in addressing barriers to adherence and persistence in the treatment of breast cancer and helping patients overcome them.

How MyTherapy Patient Support Can Provide Daily Value

Our MyTherapy app has been developed for over a decade to support patients taking regular medications with daily treatment management. For pharma partners including Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, and Bayer, MyTherapy acts as a platform for digital patient support; the out-of-the-box features are supplemented with configurable modules and tailored functionalities.

The configuration is based on the identified requirements of pharma partners, often based on aspects such as the therapeutic area or the characteristics of particular treatments. If necessary, configuration can be adapted on a market-by-market basis to meet local market needs or budgets.

Features include:

Behind the scenes, pharma partners work with dedicated team members to ensure that programs fulfil their intended purpose and gain access to tailored data dashboards to track metrics relating to program success and impact. Additionally, partners can work with our team of content specialists to develop resources that resonate with patients and are based on established behavior change principles.

Combined, the MyTherapy platform, configurable modules, and personalized partner support allow pharma to launch engaging and meaningful patient support.

This can be a powerful tool in helping breast cancer patients overcome barriers to adherence and persistence and achieve the optimal outcomes from their treatment.

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