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Together with our partners from the Life Science industry, we use MyTherapy as The Operating System for Patient Engagement. Provide tailored support for your patients or tap into our existing disease communities for patient activation and real-world insight. By building on MyTherapy, you benefit from outstanding engagement, scalability, time-to-market, and legal compliance.

Partners from health care and life science use MyTherapy to deploy highly effective patient services, globally.

User traction included. For any disease.

Since launching the app in summer 2013, we have refined MyTherapy with monthly release updates, based on real patient feedback. The better the app fulfilled patients’ needs, the more users came our way – to date, more than 7 million. We see excellent levels of engagement; our active users use MyTherapy several times per day. You can tap into our engagement capabilities and our patient community – either as a whole, or by partnering around one of our disease communities.

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Our solutions: Value for patients. And pharma.

Whatever your goals are regarding patient engagement, one truth remains: If you don’t have users, and if they are not active, your digital service will not succeed. Building on MyTherapy, our solutions enable you to focus on the business value of effective patient engagement – instead of app development.

Digital Patient Support

Use MyTherapy to provide personalized support to your patients, tailored to the specifics of your medication and grounded in behavior change theory. Safeguard initiation, adherence, and persistence right within an app that supports patients across all their treatment related tasks and across all diseases, including co-morbidities. With MyTherapy, launching a digital drug companion turns into configuring your care pathway. Having deep knowhow in medical devices, we can even integrate smart devices (IoT) and DTx.

Digital Patient Activation

Across all of our disease communities, patients want to learn about new treatment options. Through MyTherapy, you can contribute to patient education and activate patients to close potential treatment gaps. Simply sponsor non-promotional contents within the app, e.g. explaining current treatment guidelines. Together, we can empower patients to have informed conversations with their doctors.

Digital Patient Insights

Take better decisions with real world patient data. How do patients rate your product? How do patients view your product vs. the competition? How does their quality of life evolve while on treatment? What are their non-adherence patterns? Be it for marketing, market access, or R&D, Real World Evidence (RWE) collected through MyTherapy opens new possibilities – without compromising users’ privacy.

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Evidence built‑in

University hospitals, such as Charité Berlin, tested our platform with geriatric patients and patients with renal transplants. They found that using our app translates into better adherence and subjective well-being. Our industry partners benefit from this proven effectiveness and can leverage it further. While we never share individual users’ data, we can provide unique aggregate real-world insight for understanding medication adherence within specific groups of patients.

Millions of users with a 4.8 star rating
Available in 30+ languages; right-to-left support included
Adherence benefits clinically proven
Supports Medical Device modules as per MDR/FDA
> 100 Mio engagements every month
Compliance, privacy and consent management built‑in

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We are leaders in patient engagement and medication management and have millions of users in cardiovascular, respiratory, diabetes, inflammatory, autoimmune, cancer, and many other disease areas.

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