What Do Tecfidera Patients Really Think About Their MS Treatment?

In a recent survey, a sample of the thousands of people living with multiple sclerosis who use MyTherapy spilled the beans about their attitudes towards their MS treatment. Respondents included users taking all the major MS meds; here is a look about what Tecfidera users had to say – and what it means for pharma

Dan Brown Jan 12, 2022

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Over 7,000 people use MyTherapy to manage their multiple sclerosis treatment. We asked a sample of this user base about their attitudes and opinions towards MS treatment in general, as well as their views on the medication they are taking. Read on to gain some insights into what users taking Tecfidera told us, and how the results compare to the overall views given.

Patients Associate Tecfidera with Quality of Life

Tecfidera is one of the heavyweight disease-modifying drugs in the multiple sclerosis market. When asked to choose their three most important considerations regarding MS treatment, users taking Tecfidera placed greater value on issues such as slowing down disease progression and quality of life than users taking other treatments. While slowing down disease progression was the top priority across the board, only 51.7% of non-Tecfidera users selected it in their top three, compared to two-thirds of Tecfidera users. Similarly, over half (52.7%) of Tecfidera users chose overall quality of life, compared to just one-third of non-Tecfidera users. The prevention of further physical disabilities was also chosen by a higher percentage of Tecfidera users.

On the other hand, non-Tecfidera users showed greater concern than Tecfidera regarding cognitive functions and mobility.

Tecfidera Patients: Satisfied, but Want to Know More About Alternatives

Satisfaction levels among Tecfidera users were remarkably good, with over 98% satisfied or at least somewhat satisfied with their treatment. The remaining users said they were unsure, with none saying they are dissatisfied. This satisfaction level was among the best reported by users.

Nonetheless, this high level of satisfaction does not keep people from wanting to know more about alternative options. Nearly 90% have some interest in learning about alternatives. Only 11.3% of Tecfidera users said they are not interested in such information, only marginally less than the non-Tecfidera cohort.

With innovative treatments being developed for multiple sclerosis, it might not come as a surprise that patients – however satisfied they might be – want to learn more about alternative options. Nonetheless, the topic of patient education and information is an important one for pharma. You can read a previous blog post here explaining why pharma should be doing more to provide treatment information to patients, and how they can do so without falling foul of promotional regulations.

How Pharma can Tap into the Existing MS Community Instead of Failing to Build Their Own

For too long, pharma has focused on getting their desired brand positioning across to those who write prescriptions rather than those receiving them, largely ignoring the real-world patient perception of their products. Until recently, pharma did not even have a choice in the matter, they simply lacked access to a population of MS patients. Even with the rise of mobile technology, repeated failed (and often costly) attempts at digital patient support programs meant pharma has struggled to engage even those taking their own products.

This is why we decided to tap into our millions of MyTherapy users. Regarding MS specifically, this has led to the launch of MyTherapy for MS. MyTherapy for MS combines the broad range of MyTherapy’s health management functionalities with a disease-specific module that delivers more tailored features and educational contents to users living with MS. As the number of users living with MS continues to grow, this will also provide greater opportunities to gain valuable insight into patients’ needs. Also, MyTherapy allows pharma to provide tailored digital patient support not just for patients taking Tecfidera, but also for any other MS treatment.

If you work for a company involved in the development or provision of MS treatment and want to learn how you can gain insights from this community and provide your patients on MyTherapy with additional support, don’t hesitate to get in touch.