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Millions of people use our app, MyTherapy, to help ensure they take their medications safely and manage their treatment. We adopt the latest technology and solutions to ensure our iOS and Android apps meet our users’ needs and that our backend can handle >100 million interactions each month. Our commitment to agility, flat hierarchies, and a company culture that values the contribution of every individual allows us to meet the needs of our ever-growing userbase, our partners, and our team members.

Scrum framework and an agile environment have always been important here at Smartpatient. From the beginning, our earliest developers formed our first Scrum team; now, we have 7 Scrum teams working on one product in a scaled environment. Rather than going through a "big agile transformation," this environment is the result of a natural evolution that has seen us grow team-by-team. As we further shape and improve our scaled agile environment, we are looking for Scrum Masters who wish to focus on and help our teams improve Scrum behaviors and develop skills beyond "rules and events."


Be a servant-leader for 2 of our experienced Scrum Teams:

  • Help your Scrum Teams to become self-sustainable, so you can step back and move your focus to the next team or challenge.
  • Help your Scrum Teams closely by hand if needed and know when to step back to guide them without prescribing.
  • Promote self-organization, cross-functionality, and ownership for product, process, and environment in your Scrum Teams.
  • Help your development teams to be cohesive units rather than groups of individuals.
  • Help your Product Owners work more effectively with the Product Backlog and maximizing the value of Increments.
  • Spark a curiosity for different practices (even beyond the Scrum framework, like Extreme Programming, LeSS, lean thinking, technical excellence) and help them evaluate their experiments by inspection and adaptation.
  • Understand the dynamics and relationships inside the Scrum Teams and help them navigate through conflicts if needed.
  • Work closely with other Scrum Masters to constantly improve agility within the organization.


  • You are fluent with remote collaboration tools like Miro, Slack, Jira, MS Teams/Zoom and you can use them for remote facilitation.
  • You are always clear about what you believe in and can express it - your knowledge, practices, and core assumptions behind scrum and agile.
  • Excellent communication, coaching, facilitation, and mentoring skills with the ability to understand and support Scrum Team members.
  • Ability to mediate and navigate through conflicts inside Scrum Teams.
  • Self-motivated, determined, and goal-oriented personality.
  • You are a self-taught person and you are focused on developing yourself further into Scrum Master's path.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in English.

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