Partnering for the medicines of tomorrow

Improved drug-efficacy and adherence with custom patient support programmes

Benefits for our cooperating partners:

  • Improved drug efficacy
  • Increased drug safety
  • Next generation patient support
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Deep understanding of patients’ needs

Our users are our most important partners; their needs define the functionality of future app versions. Their trust obliges us to protect their privacy and individual-specific data. The reward? Loyal users that adhere to their treatment plans and improve their overall health and well-being.

Regulatory and technical know-how

Healthcare is a highly regulated space: advertising restrictions, medical devices, privacy regulation and pharmacovigilance define the rules for digital health services. Complying with them is imperative for us, as it is for our partners. Our work begins, where agencies typically stop.

Catering to specific requirements

Different medical conditions have different requirements. While currently covering a wide range, we are always adapting to specific needs, condition by condition. Need more? Please get in touch, we are happy to discuss potential solutions.