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We proudly draw on our network of research partners and experienced healthcare professionals for constant developing and refining of our solutions.

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Improve treatment success. Task by task.

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Never miss a task. Ever.

No matter whether it’s medications, activities, or updating your health history, MyTherapy keeps you on top when it comes to holistic and complex medication schedules. MyTherapy translates your treatment plans into a simple to-do list – reminders optional. The result? Peace of mind for fully complying with your doctor’s recommendations and a treatment plan that can live up to its potential.

Task list
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Call it a day. A healthy one.

Enjoy the feeling of completing tasks without much effort? MyTherapy gives you just that. Because we know that not everything works out as planned, MyTherapy leaves it up to you to achieve your goals by ticking off a task or by skipping it. Day by day your most simple mission: an empty list at the end of the day.

Your progress. Visualized.

Measure how consistent you are at sticking to your treatment requirements. MyTherapy visualizes how well you follow your doctor’s recommendations and gives you an overview on how well you stick to your own goals. Challenge yourself to better adherence. Improve your well-being by keeping track of your medications stats and health progress. All in one app. Simple.

Patient Diary

Health journal. With a breeze.

When were you feeling particularly good or bad? How have your vitals progressed? By simply using MyTherapy, you can effortlessly create a comprehensive health journal. Analyse trends and discover patterns right from the palm of your hand. The built-in report also makes it easy to share your progress with your doctor. This way, your doctor not only knows how you were doing since your last visit, but can review your treatment based on your stats.

Download MyTherapy on the iTunes AppStoreDownload MyTherapy for Android on Google Play


Protect privacy

Your health is as personal as it can get and protecting your privacy is paramount to us. We fully commit ourselves to ensure the handing on of individual-based information to third parties does not occur. For registration you need nothing but a valid email address. Providing additional health information is completely voluntary, although the app will be better tailored to your needs if more information is provided. And of course, we will only ever contact you if you explicitly opt-in.


Learn from the community

MyTherapy users create a wealth of data, which we anonymize and aggregate. This anonymized data is used to analyse typical demographic and behavioural patterns of selected patient groups. These insights help our research partners better improve healthcare for the wider community. We do this while strictly complying with German privacy laws, one of the strictest in the world. This way, we can support research without compromising your privacy.


Secure data

Protecting your data is a top priority for us. Therefore, we draw on cutting-edge encryption standards for transmitting and storing your data. By implementing the guidelines of Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security, we exceed current legal requirements to ensure data protection. And since paranoia is always a good advisor when it comes to security, we have external experts conducting security audits on a regular basis.